SSB day 5 - Conference and final selection

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Day 5 tests of SSB interview

5th day of SSB interview is the Conference day and not exactly your final as the final stage will be your medical test. On the fifth day of SSB interview all your examiners till now- Psychologist, GTO, the Interviewing officer and the President of the Board will sit together and discuss your performance. They will be in complete official uniform and will take the final call whether to recommend you for medicals or not.

Before the conference the President of the Board or someone else on his behalf will give you  closing address explaining on what qualities they do the selection and how these qualities are required for the job your have selected. He will exhort you to do a self evaluation and carefully decide if you are really ready for this job as it is no mean task and if you are ready but not selected this time then will encourage you to not give up and try next time.

Conference Procedure of SSB Day 5

You will be called in the conference in increasing or decreasing order of your chest numbers. There will be a bell or call for you to enter the room. Once inside the room you will be asked some general questions. This is a time where the examiners might try to clear any doubt about you they have even now and so you need to be careful this time too. Generally the conference lasts for 1 minute but in some exception cases it might even go long in case they find something interesting to discuss with you.

Conference tips

  • Make sure you are in proper formal attire with proper hair, nails cut, polished shoes and formal wear.
  • Don't be nervous, you have made this far so be confident about yourself.
  • Don't be over confident and become lax. You should behave formally with the examiners even now.
  • Remember to wish the examiners while entering the room, wait for their permission before taking a chair and while leaving take care to close the door without banging it.
  • Do not borrow any material like tie or shoes neither give it to anyone because you won't be coming back to the waiting room.
And finally, now the names of the shortlisted candidates are announced by the President of the Board. Best of luck!


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