Day 3 and 4 of Group Task at SSB - preparation tips

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Day 3 and 4 tests of SSB interview are known as the Group tests or the Group Testing Officers Test (GTO). This is a test which will enable you to leave an impression on the GTO and vice versa too where your GTO will get an idea about nature, behavior and functional capability of the candidates in the group.

Qualities tested in GTO tests of SSB interview

You are judged here primarily on the basis of:
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Social adaptability
  • Reasoning
  • Presence of mind
  • Leadership skill
  • Team work
  • Cooperation
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Stamina
  • Alertness

There are both type of tasks in GTO tests.
  1. Indoor- Group discussion, Individual Lecturette and Group Planning or Military Planning exercise
  2. Outdoor- Progressive Group task, Half Group task, Individual obstacles, Command task, Group Obstacle race or Snake race and Final Group task
SSB Day 3 and Day 4 GTO tests

Details of GTO in SSB

Group discussion at SSB

In GD at SSB interview, there are two discussions- one on social issues and other on current events. For the first Group Discussion you get three topics to choose from whereas for the second one there will be no choice. Do remember that this is a discussion and not a debate. You are not required to come to a conclusion in either of these GDs.

The topic will be given be the GTO and you have to discuss it within the group to decide the right topic within 3-4 minutes. The group will be of 8 to 12 people and the GD of 10-20 minutes.

Group Discussion Test of Day 3 SSB

The GTO is looking for leadership qualities among the candidates. You should not be looking like the master of the group but as a leader who is taking the whole group together by keeping parallel to the topic and directing the discussion with intelligent points. You have to be well aware of the topic being discussed in the Group Discussion test of Day 3 or 4 of SSB interview.

Group planning exercise of SSB Day 3 and 4 Tests

Group planning exercise test of SSB interview is designed to test your leading capabilities. How you are able to organize the group, analyze the man power and resources available with you and solve the problem with your teammates. 

Group Planning Exercise test comprises of 6 steps:
  1. Explanation of the model- You will be explained a problem in form of a story along with a wooden model. The model will be marked with directions.
  2. Narrative- The GTO will narrate the story
  3. Self reading- You will be given a small book with sets of problem stories in them. You have to read that quickly and then keep it aside. You will have 5 minutes for it.
  4. Giving solution- You will get 10 minutes to frame a solution for the problem and write that down.
  5. Discussing the solution- You will then get 10 minutes to discuss the problem with the group and arrive at the right solution for the problem.
  6. Conclusion- This is the part where you give your final solution.

Progressive Group task

PGT or Progressive Group Task of SSB day 3 and 4 is a one of the fun tasks where you and your team have to cross a set of obstacles in the ground defined with a set of rules. You have to cross the obstacles with a load as well as some helpful objects like a wooden log, rope and plank.

Full Group Task of SSB interview

This round extends for 40-60 minutes depending on the difficulty level of the task. No leader is selected and all team members are allowed to participate. If the team crosses one set of PGT then they have to move on to the next set of PGT with the level of each PGT more than the previous one. The important thing in this task is to follow the rules strictly. No bound areas are to be completely avoided and just in case you are not able to do it the first time you should try that task again.

Half Group task

This task is for those who have did not get a chance to express their ideas as to how to face the obstacles during the PGT. The group is divided into half and the same obstacles have to be crossed.

Individual obstacles

This is a 3 minute round followed by HGT where the candidates are tested physically. 10 obstacles are set in the ground, each having its own point. The GTO will explain the obstacles and rules to cross them along with the points. Now the candidate have to decide in which order he/she wants to cross the obstacles within the 3 minutes. This is not a group task and in case you violate any rules of any of the obstacles just redo that obstacle.
SSB interview Individual Obstacle

Types of obstacles are- Commando walk, Double ditch jump, Tarzan swing, balanced walk, jumping over drums wound by thorn wires, high jump, Burma bridge, Step by Step jump, hanging on rope after jumping from ladder and Rope climbing.

Command task

An army commander should be able to command his group. This task is to check your commanding capability. Here any candidate will be called randomly and he has to choose his two subordinates. The GTO will first give a pep talk and then explain the rules of the round. The task is quite similar to the PGT except for the fact that you are leading a team of 3. Avoid asking for ideas from your subordinates as this test is for testing your leadership abilities. Choose your team members carefully like one light weight person who can easily cross planks and tie ropes and one strong one who can carry heavy load.

Snake Race or Group Obstacle race

In this obstacle the group is given a 'snake', a single heavy load made of jute and covered with cloth. The group has to carry the load over a set of obstacles. At no time the snake is to be kept down on the ground and its positioning should not change. 6 team members do this task and if the team has decide to keep the snake one their shoulders then during the whole race the snake should be on the shoulder only. A minimum number of members should always be holding the snake, i.e. when crossing an obstacle 1 or 2 members can leave the snake to jump or cross any obstacle.


This is nothing but extempore. In army, the high ranked offers have to inspire their men with inspiration speeches now and then. It is like a pep talk before going for a field trip or an highly inspirational short talk before going into the war. 
The duration of this extempore is 3 minutes and you have to choose a topic from 4 topics cards given to you.

Final Group task

This is the last round in Group task series at SSB. The GTO will choose the candidates based on their previous performance and is quite similar to PGT. It is also the last chance for the candidates to show their capabilities. So if you had not performed well in PGT then it is a good chance to showcase your leadership skills this time. Unlike PGT here the team has to cross only 1 obstacle and the time limit is 15 minutes.

Please note that the sequence of tasks is not necessarily the same at all boards. Also, it is possible that these all tasks might be completed within 1 day rather than 2. So be prepared for any eventuality and best of luck!


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