Day 2 Psychological test in SSB- preparation tips and test formats

SSB Day 2 psychology tests

It should definitely feel good that you have cleared the first round but side by side you should be ready to face the next round too that is the day 2 of SSB interview. This round is designed to test your psychology and see if you fit in for the defense services or any other job. Preparation is necessary for this unless you want to be rejected after clearing the first round. It is a series of tests where you are required to write your responses to questions on a printed sheet of paper within limited time.

Psychological tests in SSB

  1. Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]
  2. Word Association Test [WAT]
  3. Situation Reaction Test [SRT] 
  4. Self Description Test [ SD]

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

In TAT, you will be shown 11+1 slides for 30 minutes each with the last slide being empty. After each slide you will get 4 minutes to compose a short story. This will continue till the last slide which is the empty slide. You have to write a positive story, even for the empty slide! For the empty slide you have to image in a situation and write a story on it. The story should be written in past tense. There should be a happy ending to the story where the hero of the story is able to overcome those real life problems.

WAT (Word Association Test)

In WAT, you will be shown 60 words one after another. Each word will be shown for 15 seconds during which you have to write a sentence which comes to your mind not necessarily using that word. The purpose of this test is to assess your personality. The psychologists compare your responses with your personal background; i.e. the society you come from and see if you have officer like qualities. Avoid sentences with words like should, would, may or shall. Write sentences which show confidence.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

In SRT, you get a booklet with 60 situations written in it. You have to explain how you will deal with those situations. For each answer there are only about 2-3 lines so you have to short and precise. You should deal with the situation practically and not try to appear like a super hero saving the day. However, you should not run away from situations. An officer is expected to deal with tough situations and not run away from them. Try to attempt the questions in the same series as they are given because skipping questions will give the impression and you are running away from some questions and are attempting those only because you have to.

SD (Self Description)

In Self Description, you have to tell about yourself by keeping yourself in the shoes of you and you close ones (parents, teachers and friends). Time given in 15 minutes so you have to be fast as well as good in your handwriting. It is better to prepare the descriptions beforehand. Give more focus to your own self description and for negative points (be sure to mention them) be ready with methods to overcome those shortcomings. Stick to truth, don't harp about qualities you don't have; the psychologists are trained professionals and they will easily find your lies.


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