Day 1 screening test in SSB- preparation tips and test formats

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The first day test in SSB is the screening test developed to test the analytical skills of the candidate. It consists of Intelligence questions or Officer Intelligence (O.I.R) and Picture Perception and Description test (PPDT).

The SSB screening test is used to shortlist the potential candidates from all those report for the test. The tests are:

SSB Day 1 intelligence test OIR
  1. Verbal and Nonverbal – This test is not only important from the perspective of being shortlisted but also because these marks play a role in deciding your overall merit too after clearing the merit and getting recommended during the selection process.
    • Verbal Reasoning consists of Analogy and Classification, Coding-Decoding, Numerical Series, Blood relations, Direction, Seating arrangement, puzzles and basic aptitude in mathematics.
    • Nonverbal Reasoning consists of simple Venn Diagrams, figure patterns, cubes and dice questions and figure classification and analogy.
      1st day screening test of SSB - PPDT
  2. PPDT- PPDT is a very important part of Day 1 screening in SSB as you get evaluated directly by the examiners of SSB. This panel consists of 3 people- Board President, G.T.O and the psychologist. These panel members are your examiners for the rest of the 4 days too. In this test you are shown a picture for 30 seconds and you have to draft a positive and lesson oriented story on that.
    Here is a sample image for PPDT.
    Sample PPDT test picture of SSB day 1

    The test happens inside an auditorium where you will be explained about the test by a psychologist. In this test you have to draft your story based on 7 parameters:
    1. Age
    2. Sex
    3. Character
    4. Mood
    5. Past (what the character might have done)
    6. Present (what the character is presently doing)
    7. Future (what will the character do in the future)
    Then you are divided into a group of 14-15 and each candidate has to narrate his/her story which is followed by a group discussion on the picture among these group members only. You will also be allotted a chest number during this test. Before beginning to write the story you need to mention the parameters I mentioned above in a box present in the answer sheet too.

Tips to clear the GD screening of day 1

  1. Sit tight, there should be no slouching on your part. Appear active and involved in discussion.
  2. Don’t look at the panel members. Keep your eyes on the group member speaking at the moment or towards the whole group when you yourself are speaking.
  3. Don’t look nervous, keep smiling and look confident.
  4. Take at least 3-5 chances at speaking in the discussion with proper body language.
Don’t argue, discuss your point while appearing polite and give others their chance to present their views. PPDT is the end of the first day screening test after which you can rest for 2-3 hours having your lunch while the results are prepared. The shortlisted candidates will be given new chest numbers and others will be given their travel allowance and dropped back to the railway station or bus stand.


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