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AFCAT 1 2014 solved question paper

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Question paper and key of AFCAT 1 2014 exam
Solved question paper of AFCAT exam that was held on 23 February 2014. Check out AFCAT 1 2014 question paper and answer key here.

AFCAT exam is the written exam held to shortlist candidates for SSB interviews. It is the only entrance exam which is held solely by Indian Air Force. Maximum time given for solving AFCAT exam is 2 hours. In 2 hours time, all candidates need to attempt 100 questions.

Shortlisted candidates inn AFCAT 1 2014 exam will have to appear for SSB interview at Air Force Selection Boards located at Dehradun, Mysore, Varanasi and Gandhinagar. SSB interview is divided into two stages. First stage is held on day 1 of SSB in which intelligence test and PPDT tests will be conducted. Candidates who are screened in in the stage 1 test will go to stage II testing. Stage II testing spans around four days.

However in order to get SSB interview call up letter, one needs to qualify in AFCAT examination.

AFCAT 1 2014 Question Paper Breakdown

Following types of questions are asked in AFCAT 1 2014 examination.
  • General English
  • Military Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • General Awareness
Candidates need to score marks equal to or above the cut off set by IAF officials.

Following courses are offered through AFCAT 1 2014 examination for women.
  •  No. 44 Short Service Commission (44 SSC) Course
  •  No. 58 Short Service Commission (58 SSC) Course
  •  No. 46 Short Service Commission (46 SSC) Course
For men following courses are offered.
  • No. 15 Short Service Commission (15 SSC) Course
  • No. 86 Aeronautical Engineers (86 AEC) Course (Permanent Commission)
  •  No. 58 Short Service Commission (58 SSC) Course
  •  No. 137 Ground Duty Officers’ (137 GDOC) Course (Permanent Commission)
  •  No. 30 Short Service Commission (30 SSC) Course
Note : If you have appeared in AFCAT 1 2014 examination held on 23rd February 2014, then please write down the questions and your answers in the comments.

AFCAT 1 2014 question paper and answer key will be uploaded soon.

Updates related to AFCAT 1/14 question paper

  1. Suez canal connects which island? -  Isthmus between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
  2. Meaning of calumny 
  3. Meaning of cacophonous 
  4. Position of Women Hockey team of India in Asian championship? - Runners up
  5. Who was UN ambassador for peace among sportsman in the year 2001?
  6. If Necromancy : Ghosts then 
    • A. Romance : Stories 
    • B. Magic : Amulets 
    • C. Alchemy : Gold 
    • D. Sorcery : Spirits 
    • Correct Answer D - Sorcery : Spirits
  7. Napoleon of India - Samudra Gupta
  8. Outer surface of sun - Corona
  9. Find out odd one out
    • A- Wheat
    • B - Mustard
    • C - Rice
    • D - Gram
    • E - Peanut
    • Answer - C Rice. Justification - Except rice, all others are Rabi crops.
  10. Who is called as Grand Old Man of India? - Dada Bhai Naorojee
  11. 69*69*69-65*65*65/69*65 = ?
    • Answer is 4
  12. Who was the viceroy during the Sepoy mutiny?
    • Lord Canning
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