Sunday, August 25, 2013

AFCAT 2 2013 question paper and answer key


Read AFCAT 2 2013 question paper here and also check out answer key. AFCAT exam questions were of multiple choice type. Indian Air Force has conducted Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) entrance exam today i.e., on 25th August of 2013. Notification of AFCAT 02/2013 was released and applications were invited from men and women of India who have passed graduation with 60% marks. 

Online applications of AFCAT 02/2013 were available to candidates till midnight of 07th July 2013. After last date ended, no applications were accepted. 

Question paper and answer key of AFCAT 02/13 examination

Here we have provided question paper of AFCAT 02/2013.
  • What is synonym of incredulous?
    • Synonym of incredulous is unreliable.
  • Madagascar, Tasmania and Cuba are island nations.
  • Which sport is one of the 10 events in Decathlon?
    • Pole Vaulting
  • Kinetic theory of gases was derived by which of the following scientists?
    • Maxwell
  • Which is the gland near brain?
    • Pineal
  • Which word is similar to ode, ballad?
    • Sonnet
  • If Chef is to Restaurant then Druggist is ?
    • pHARMACY
  • Pharaoh : Egypt :: Maharaja : ?
    • India
  • Which city is the origin of Narmada river?
    • Amarkantak
  • Inch is related to Centimetre in the same way as Pint is related to ?
    • Gallon
  • Crumb is related to Bread in the same way as Morsel is related to ?
    • Food
More questions of AFCAT 02/2013 exam will roll out as and when available. Also answers to AFCAT 2/13 are provided to the best of our experts knowledge. If you know other questions which are missing in given AFCAT 02/2013 question paper, please do mention them.


  1. 1) who is not awarded by Padma SRI --- AMARNATH
    2) 1857 is famous for first independence war
    3) who discovered the route of INDIA -vasco da gamma!
    4) Agriculture-- called OLD Stone age
    5) lyrics of CWG theme song by --AR rahman
    6) sania Mirza won BRONZE medal in CWG

    1. question was sania mirza won which medal in 21st commonwealth games. and 21st CWGs are still to take place in 2018. So, i think answer will be none.

  2. synonym for incredulous is skeptical

  3. Sania Mirza got silver in CW2010 singles

  4. 21th common wealth games count down de option is none ..

  5. tasmania is not a country. Its a territory of australia. Others were countries.

  6. The kinetic theory of gases was developed initially by James Clerk Maxwell and Ludwig Boltzmann.........both are responsivle not only both are right...

  7. A number is increased by 20% how much % the new number should be decreased to get the original number??
    Any answer

  8. My watch was 3 minutes late at 5 pm and 5 min fast at 11 pm on Wednesday
    What time it gave correct time?? Ans was none of these.

  9. dhyanchand award winner shabbir ali is associated with FOOTBAAL

  10. Recent missile tested by iraan??

  11. hi i have chosen ssc in afcat 2/2013 .is there any procedure to convert it into permanent com. as i m going for ssb?????