Friday, July 26, 2013

How to pass AFCAT exam of Indian Air Force

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Check out tips to pass AFCAT entrance exam of Indian Air Force. Cracking AFCAT examination is compulsory to join Indian Air Force as an officer. Check out tips of our experts to pass AFCAT easily and also tips to score high score.
Air Force Common Admission Test is conducted by Indian Air Force as a screening test to shortlist eligible candidates for officer cadre posts. AFCAT exam is conducted twice in a year and will be of written examination type. Thus, passing AFCAT examination is compulsory for a candidate if the candidate wants to become an officer of Air Force.

Tips to score good marks in AFCAT exam and pass easily

To pass AFCAT entrance exam is quite easy if you follow few simple things. Main obstruction in passing AFCAT is its negative marking system. Many students are there who have been disqualified in the exam by 0.33 marks also. Thus, one cannot take AFCAT exam lightly.

To tackle negative marking system in AFCAT exam, candidates need to attempt only those questions which they are sure of scoring. Candidates should cross check twice before tick marking their answer. After answering to those questions, one need to answer questions those he thinks 50 - 50 % correct. So here he will get 50 % of chances to get an answer correct. As the negative marking is fixed as -0.33 marks per wrong answer, attempting 50 - 50 % questions also make it worth to take chance with those type of questions.

In AFCAT examination, there will be four types of categories. General Awareness section is very easy one as it consist of current affairs and general knowledge. If you follow news regularly, you will never find any difficulty to answer them. Second type is verbal ability in English. These questions are based on synonyms, antonyms, common errors and other simple English vocabulary related questions. So this segment is of mixed level of difficulty. Still one can easily score 60% in this category. Third category is numerical ability. This category questions are based on fractions, averages, profit and loss, simple interest etc. So these questions are very easy to answer. So this category is one of the best categories of AFCAT exam to score good marks. Last category is reasoning and Military aptitude test. This category is little tricky one. Thus, one needs to be careful while answering military aptitude test questions of AFCAT exam.

If a candidate prepares well for military aptitude test questions, one will surely score high marks. Thus answering the questions which you are confident and preparing well will help you to crack AFCAT and sure success in passing the AFCAT examination of Indian Air Force.


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