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PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test

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Want to know about Picture Perception & Description Test of SSB interviews? Passing PPDT test is very crucial in passing screening test of SSB interviews. Read on to know about PPDT testing procedure and tips to pass.
Picture Perception and Description Test is conducted in SSB interviews immediately after intelligence test. Intelligence test does not matter in passing screening stage of SSB interview. Thus, PPDT test becomes very important for getting screening.

In order to proceed to second stage of SSB interview, one needs to pass in Picture Perception and Description Test. Let us see the procedure followed in PPDT test.

Procedure followed during PPDT test of SSB interview

  • First of all all candidates will be allotted individual chest numbers. 
  • Candidates will be asked to sit according to their chest numbers.
  • After seating of all candidates, psychologist will come and give brief of Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT).
  • All candidates will be handed over one answer sheet of PPDT for writing their story.
  • Candidates will be shown a picture for thirty seconds on a big screen with the help of old modeled OHP projector or lamp projector.
  • Candidates need to identify how many humans are there in the picture shown as part of PPDT test of SSB interview.
  • When the psychologist says to start writing the story, candidates need to mark up the humans identified by them in a square box provided in answer sheet.
  • Candidate should identify gender, age and mood of the humans shown in the picture.
  • Also candidates should make one of the humans as the hero of story and should circle him / her.
  • After marking humans, candidates need to write a title of their story in front of "Action" in the PPDT answer sheet.
  • Finally, candidates should write their story in front of "Story" heading.
  • For answering PPDT test of SSB interviews, there will be only four minutes given.
  • After writing of descriptive story, all candidates will be divided into various batches or groups.
  • Generally each batch will consist 10 to 12 candidates.
  • Candidates will be asked to sit in chairs arranged in a semi-circle fashion.
  • Psychologist of SSB interview board will brief all candidates with the PPDT discussion procedure.
  • First of all each individual will narrate his story in front of all.
  • After narration is over, group will have to discuss on the picture and come up with common story.
  • For discussion, there will be 10 minutes available with the group.
  • Also PPDT group need to nominate one candidate to narrate the final PPDT story to the interviewing officers.
  • After narration of final PPDT story, group will be asked to go outside and wait till the results are announced.
  • After two hours, results of Picture Perception and Description Test will be announced.
  • Screened in candidates will stay back and screened out candidates will have to return to their homes.

Sample PPDT answer sheet

As the PPDT test of SSB interview is the only test to pass screening stage, one needs to put 100% efforts to clear PPDT. After PPDT, screened in candidates will be asked to fill up Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ).


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