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Intelligence test in SSB interviews

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Intelligence test is the first and foremost test in SSB interviews. Check out questions of intelligence test and time given for candidates appearing in SSB interview. Also SSB intelligence test complete overview and sample questions are given here.
Intelligence test is conducted in SSB interviews to check whether candidates do have intelligence that is required for an officer or not. Intelligence is very important when it comes to succeed in decision making. As an officer of Indian Army / Air Force / Navy, one needs to make many decisions. Thus, Services Selection Board looks for candidate who got good intelligence.

Why intelligence tests are conducted?

With the intelligence test, we can judge whether a person is able to execute logic required to solve a problem. Also intelligence tests expose knowledge of a candidate which is essential for any organisation or company. Defence forces do require testing of candidate's intelligence as one wrong decision may result in grieve consequence. That too officers of the elite Army, Navy and Air Force need to have greater level of intelligence and should be able to solve problems very efficiently and quickly. Thus, SSB boards started conducting intelligence tests so that they may assess all candidates whether they possess that level of intelligence which is required for being an officer in Indian Armed Forces.

Types of intelligence tests of SSB interviews

Basically there two types of intelligence tests used to test a candidates intelligence by SSB boards during SSB interviews. One is verbal intelligence test and another one is non verbal intelligence tests. In general intelligence tests are designed in such a way that they tend to be in increasing with respect to difficulty level of intelligence. It makes easy to evaluate that a person who is more intelligent will solve as much as questions or problems as possible. Thus, one may judge the level of intelligence by evaluating number of questions answered correctly by candidates attending the SSB interview. Hence intelligence test of SSB interviews become very important for psychologists and other interviewing officers to have a general idea about a person's level of intelligence.

SSB interview verbal intelligence tests

Verbal intelligence tests of SSB interviews will amount to 70 to 80 percent of total questions asked in intelligence tests of SSB interviews. When a candidate identifies the essential requirements to solve a problem, that candidate will not have any problem in solving it. In the beginning of SSB interview intelligence tests, psychologist of SSB board gives sample illustrations so that all candidates can have an idea on how to solve intelligence test questions. If candidates listen with attention to all instructions and illustrations given by the psychologist, candidate will definitely have no great amount of problem in solving the problems.

Analogy test

Analogy test is conducted to check whether a candidate has reasonable amount of intelligence to correlate the things.
For example, if newspaper is to reading then food is to ______________.
Here in this question of intelligence test, it is checked whether a candidate can relate food with eating or not. Thus the correct answer will be eating.

General knowledge test

General knowledge is tested by SSB interview board to check whether a candidate have little amount of knowledge which is required for an officer or not. 
For example, Dr. Manmohan Singh is currently prime minister of India. True/False.
As Dr. Manmohan Singh is the prime minister of India, answer will be true.

Verbal relationships

In this type of tests, first of all two words will be given with a relation. Then the third word will be given and set of options. Candidate need to select correct answer which is similar in relationship with the relationship illustrated by first two words.
For example, 1. Captain 2. Ship 3. Mayor 4. ________ ?
A. State  B. Country C. City D. World
In the above example, a captain commands a ship. Similarly, a mayor commands a city. Thus, answer to this intelligence test will be C i.e., City.

Series test

Series tests are very important tests of verbal intelligence tests. There will be a series and candidates need to find out the next number which will come in that series.
For example, Find out the number which should come after last number of the series given. 1,4,9, ?
As it is clear that all are squares of numbers, i.e., 1X1, 2X2, 3X3, so next number would be 4X4 = 16.

Jumbled words

Jumbled words are given to check whether a candidate have the ability to think of arranging jumbled words to form correct word. 
For example, EPALP (Name of a fruit) ___________.
APPLE is the correct answer to the question.

Synonym test

Synonym test is conducted to check the intelligence of a candidate during SSB interviews. 
For example, Pick out similar word within the options provided.
Lavish (Careful, Extravagant, Thrifty, Careless). Answer would be Extravagant as it is the synonym of Lavish word.

One word substitutions

One word substitution test is to check whether a candidate have good amount of knowledge of vocabulary and can communicate to others with short and crisp sentences.
For example, One who does not believe in god. Answer is atheist. An atheist is a person who does not believe in god.

Non verbal intelligence test of SSB interviews

Verbal intelligence tests are very easy if one have good amount of knowledge of terminology used in the exam. Thus, SSB intelligence tests consist of non verbal intelligence tests to check whether a candidate have intelligence or not. Non verbal intelligence test contains pictures and candidate need to guess the answer of the question in the form of a picture. Non verbal intelligence test questions will be asked up to 30 to 40% of total number of questions asked in intelligence tests of SSB interviews.

Examples of intelligence test sample questions of SSB interviews

In the above example, square is not shifting but circle is rotating in anti-clock direction. Thus, C option will be the correct answer to this intelligence question.

After intelligence test of SSB interview, candidates need to appear in Picture Perception & Description Test (PPDT).

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